Cooperative platformer taking place in purgatory. Work together to escape.


Luminite is a cryptic cooperative platformer where players must work together to escape purgatory.
The light player is able to raise the ground higher while the dark player is able to lower the ground.
Players must find a way to collect, activate, and navigate through challenging puzzles to reach the end.
As players work their way through areas, more parts of the level become available to them.

Skills used

UE4 Blueprint
UE4 RPC Based Networking
UE4 Particles (Cascade)
UE4 Materials
Atmospheric Art-style Creation
Multi-user online chat system

About Online Coop

The game was designed from the ground up to be online coop.
Players connected to each other by being a host or an ally depending on where they moved their character to.
Hosts would then be able to pick from the players standing in the 'ally' area so long as both successfully connected to the server.
This was implemented using a Python REST server which would automatically list a 'server' for the ally player without their knowledge.
The host player would then see this server listing and generate a displayed summon option for that player in their own game.
Once the host decided to summon a player, it would then tell the python server to list another 'server' for the host player that had a special tag for the ally player's game to recognize.
the ally player's game is constantly scanning for any server that might include their unique tag, if found the player automatically attempts a connection to that server.
This is very susceptible to many different online attacks but since this was exclusively for a game-jam with a very limited time frame and use case there is no protections.


Puzzle Design

Due to a communication issue the puzzles were designed without using any of the puzzle elements.
In the last 12 hours of the jam the puzzles were almost entirely redesigned using the originals as inspiriation.


Getting the game to look exactly how it does now was a huge challenge. Very small adjustments to the values on the particles emissive lights would cause drastic changes in the look.
The physically negative lighting emitted by the dark player was also challenging since it's subtracting light from the world around it.



External Credits


Music was from
The original credits were submitted to Epic Games and have since become unavailable. Sorry!


Air_Escaping_04_16_48 - Higginsdj -
Releasing_Pressure - Soundslikewillem -