Mad Trax

Mad Trax is a retro styled tower defense / endless runner hybrid.


Mad Trax is a retro styled tower defense, endless runner, and resource management hybrid.
Players must manage their power consumption to reach the next checkpoint while supplying enough power to their defenses.
As the game progresses the player can add additional cars to their train.
If the player makes it far enough they might encounter large enemies requiring quick thinking to avoid.

Skills used

Unity 2017 w/ Mono Upgrade
C# .NET 4.5
Simple 'chaser' AI
Resource System
Particle FX
Color Palette Design
UI / UX Design


Technical About

Mad Trax was created with a team of 5 other developers of varying skill levels in 72 hours for Ludumdare 39
AI was designed to move within a 'shooting distance' of the train and then fire until killed.
Faster enemies have a smaller shooting distance as to prevent them appearing and shooting before the player can process whats happening.
The UI was designed using Aseprite and implemented with C#. The upgrade menu is reused for each car to avoid re-instantiating each time the player opens it.



Working with a mix of remote and in-person teammates did cause some challenges.
Remote teammates (at least in this case) caused huge time delays waiting for updates from them as they had gone afk randomly or other issues.
This isn't an exclusive problem to remote workers, but it's much easier to walk away for an extended period or get distracted at home rather than in a shared working space.

A full plan

Getting a full plan of start to finish gameplay was a very long process we didn't actually finish until very late in the first 24 hours.
We originally set out to make an entirely different game, but as time went on the scope was realized to be way too massive even for a larger team.
Mad Trax was the result of a complete rethinking of what we wanted to do.
The take away here is to make sure you like your idea before going forward. Don't 'just start' in a game jam. I'd rather spend an extra hour or two deciding than an extra reducing scope and trying to make it work.


External Credits

Benjamin Armour -- Train / Environment Modeling
Sam Hunny -- Enemy Modeling
Gengi -- Sound Design & Implementation. Title Graphic. Terrain Details Programming.
Zahid -- Play Testing & Debugging
EndilWayfare -- Shader / Boss / Terrain Programming