Winner of UE4 August Game Jam 2016. Minimalistic Puzzle Platformer


Hoaxagon is a minimalistic 3D platformer created in 3 days for the UE4 August 2016 Game Jam.
Players must solve puzzles by raising and lowering hexagon shaped pillars and collecting colored orbs.
After collecting all the colored orbs the player is able to pass through the gates to the tower and complete the game.

Skills used

UE4 Blueprint
UE4 Flavored C++
Puzzle Design
Development Tool Design
Non-intrusive anti-cheat
UE4 Materials
Consistent art style creation



Puzzle Building tool

Winner Announcement


Large World

We wanted you to feel like you're in a very large world. This was accomplished by turning the fog up a lot to obscure distance as well as giving the player 3x speed between puzzles seamlessly.
This helped by letting us spread puzzles out a ton, while still keeping the travel times relatively low. No one wants to walk for 2 minutes straight.

Introducing Controls

This was a very difficult one and I'm not very happy with how it was done.
The control scheme, while feeling great, is not intuitive for the average player. We settled with visual aides on the main menu.
If I were to change it, I'd probably introduce it to the player through some sort of gameplay without the on-screen helpers.

Puzzle Design

This was definitely the main challenge of the jam. Designing puzzles that were actually puzzles and not obstacle courses.
We opted for designing as many puzzles as we could (I think around 18 puzzles were made). We then rejected any that felt like an obstacle course rather than a puzzle.
The bonus level is all the rejected puzzles if there's interest in what was deemed an obstacle course.



External Credits


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Ketsa - Inside Alone - Freemusicarchive.com
Ketsa - Waters edge mix - Freemusicarchive.com


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Tower Model - Slappywag