avoid the void by pressing the arrow keys and spacebar. See how far you can make it. Made for Ludumdare 41


Skills used

Unity 2018 (Beta)
REST Response Handling
UI / UX Design



The theme for Ludumdare 41 was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres". I combined Dungeon Crawler, and Endless Runner.
I definitely did not focus on theme, or even make much of an attempt to follow the theme. I wanted to just make something fun.

Post Mortem

Overall this game went great. It lined up with a digital art showcase at my college, which allowed me to gather feedback from many different types of players, rather than just other developers. If I could fix some stuff, I definitely would switch to a stable build of unity, and build the void / fog effect inside aseprite as an animation. But this worked well for the most part.



This is probably my 3rd or 4th game using dreamlo.com to provide a lightweight leaderboard back end. I had no trouble setting this up quickly, but post-jam I found major issues in it.
After submitting I did my usual 'marketing' I try to do every ludumdare. I'd make a post every 10-20 hours encouraging people to set a leaderboard score, and I'd go rate and give feedback on other games to increase my smart balance.
Little did I know, there are people dedicated to causing problems with ludumdare games that interact online in some way. I had done nothing to discourage or prevent cheating, as I figured no one would bother submitting false scores, and even if they did its a single click to remove them.
This mistake was quite embarrassing when I had brought the game to one of my game design classes to show it off, just to find someone had spent the time to fill my leaderboard with racial slurs and 9999 scores. No issue, I quickly opened my leaderboard and removed the offending scores before presenting my game.
Though the next day, the scores returned. I thought of releasing a small update to prevent this from happening, but I figured it wasn't to big of deal. I removed the offending scores again and let it be.
The following day, I found the entire navy seal copypasta had been entered word by word into my leaderboard. This easily could have taken an hour, if not significantly more to do. If you need a passionate data entry employee, find this guy.
I decided to remove all the offending scores, and setup a small fix for the issue. I recalculated the number of tiles discovered (your score essentially) when you clicked submit. In hindsight I should have done this from the beginning but I didn't expect this to happen at all. Before submitting I checked the leaderboard again to find it filled with the same copypasta, word by word, all over again.
It was very impressive honestly, we were now about 4 days from the initial spam, and the person was checking back in to make sure his spam remained. I left the copypasta up and submitted the new leaderboard fix. I manually re-submitted the old valid scores (~20 people) and had switched to a new secret key in my new version.
Either my small anti-cheat was enough to discourage this person, or they never realized I pushed an updated build. Either was it was quite impressive seeing how dedicated someone could be to messing with a ludumdare entry.

Unity 2018 Beta

Not so much a challenge, but it's worth mentioning I spent quite some time trying to prepare an html5 build of this game. I later learned even if it had completed, dreamlo doesn't allow https without paying, and itch.io won't allow non-https request to be sent.
The beta version of ShaderGraph prevented html5 from being built.